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French River Cruises & Luxury Canal Vacation

Make it happen! Luxury French river cruises are great travel experiences and make lasting impressions. The scenic views floating by on a private charter, while lounging in the hot tub with a glass of champagne in hand, have the power to enthrall. By day, a French barge vacation in France overwhelms with its scenic beauty; by night, the star-packed sky leaves you speechless.

On a luxury cruise in France cruising down the canals and rivers a meditative calm descends. And the great thing is you'll find it all when you hit the waterways of France. Any French barge vacation on the canals of France has a certain allure but when heading out on the canals there's an additional dose of anticipation. The Grand Victoria itineraries are designed to provide a cultural adventure, which our guide can adapt to meet individual interests because the most exciting places can fall flat without spontaneity. It is exceptional moments that make long-lasting memories.

Bring a few friends or your family along on the adventure of a lifetime because a French barge vacation with us makes an impact with authentic experiences, new profound relationships, and cultural experiences. Whether you want an active adventure out in the picturesque French countryside, a relaxed cruise down the scenic waterways, or something in between, we’re ready to help you make the lasting memories of a lifetime on a French barge vacation in France. This is the stuff of travel tales.

Best of Burgundy Wines

On our Burgundy canal cruises itinerary, you’ll take in some of the best destinations in France for wine lovers. Discover the depth and complexity of Burgundy wines. An inexperienced or seasoned wine lover learns to identify and appreciate a wide palette during wine tasting at some of the most renowned wineries in the world and Burgundy vineyards.

At the Château de Pommard wines are produced from five different Terriors within a single Clos. This is the largest monopoly owned by a single owner in Burgundy today. Guests visit the Château de Pommard to discover their passion and taste a selection of fine French Burgundy wines. Pommard vineyards lies between Beaune and Volnay along the Côte de Beaune.

beauty on a french barge vacation

 The Cruise Experience!

Our all-inclusive luxury French barge cruises in France are packed with adventure and excitement; the result is a pure French fantasy! Discover the rich flavors and zest for local life barging on the canals and rivers of France.  Explore boutique shops and bustling local markets, lunch at a local bistro while pampered by the owners themselves, tour the legendary Burgundian vineyards, and wineries dotting the countryside, and walk the ramparts of historic château in private tours. Burgundy is even more beautiful than the imagination. There’s a special flavor with a blend of culture and tradition. It’s in the Burgundy wine but it transcends everything. It’s in the graciousness of the people. It’s in the quaint villages speckled among the Burgundy vineyards. And you quickly learn that fine French wine is only where Burgundy’s story starts. This unique journey offers exclusive and unforgettable interactions with locals. Life as you know it seems very far away!

fall in love with france during your magical burgundy canal barge vacation cruise

Explore Burgundy - rediscover romance
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