• French barge cruises | FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a spa onboard?

There is a hot tub for those interested in relaxing at the end of a long day. This is situated on a separate deck.

Can I reserve a non-smoking cabin?

There is no smoking onboard or in the cabins, but one can enjoy a cigarette or cigar on the aft deck.

Can I use travelers checks?

Travelers checks are not universally accepted in Europe. The use of a Visa or MasterCard at an ATM is a better choice.

Will we be able to rent bicycles?

We do have six 18-speed mountain bikes on board, available to use at no additional charge.

Will I be able to use the internet while onboard?

There is full wifi access throughout the ship. - However one should note that wifi reception can be limited at times as canals and rivers often meander between valleys and hills, blocking reception.

Is there TV onboard?

Each cabin is equipped with an Apple TV for movies streaming available at no cost.

Are you able to cater to my special diet?

We can accommodate special diets for diabetics, food combining, low-fat, sugar-free, Atkins, vegetarian, and other options. Please inform us of dietary needs during your reservation.

Will I need to bring a hairdryer?

Each cabin has it’s own hairdryer along with shampoo & conditioner.

What can I expect to pay for over and above the price of the cruise?

Airfare to and from the country in which you are cruising.
Snacks or drinks while onshore.
Optional hot-air ballooning, (weather permitting)
Optional Massages
Optional golf (please let us know if we can book a tee time for you)
Cancellation & travel insurance is always recommend.
Crew Gratuities. - (suggested gratuities/tips 10%)

Do you have a laundry service?

One of the very few barges that does offer complimentary laundry service.

What is electricity voltage onboard?


Is there a doctor onboard?

We will be happy to get you to a doctor if needed.

What is the dress code onboard?

Smart casual, for meals, otherwise it’s entirely up to you on a full boat charter.

Is the boat handicapped accessible?

Unfortunately, the gangplank for entering and exiting the ship restricts wheelchairs, requiring guests to be able to walk on and off the ship. There are however a few wheel chair friendly barges. Please use the contact form to email us and we’ll supply you with their contact info.

I have young children, is this a problem?

On full boat charters, there is no restriction on children.

May I smoke on the barge?

One can smoke on the aft deck.

Will I need cash onboard?

You will not need cash when onboard and should only need it to pay for souvenirs, or anything you wish to purchase when onshore or for tips at the end of the cruise.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes - The Grand Victoria does accept credit cards (some fee’s may apply)

Will there be ATM machines?

There are ATM machines in nearly every village and you should be able to withdraw money in Euro’s for any cash needs you may have.

What can I expect to pay in gratuities?

Suggested tips rates for crew are 10% of the cruise price