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French Barge Vacations - Almond French Toast with berries

Dining on board the luxury river barge Grand Victoria is incomparable! Gone are the days of boring continental breakfasts on French Barge Vacations. Instead we're saying good morning to our guests with the smell of fresh croissants baking in the oven, while our chef is crafting the best breakfasts on the canals. Breakfast is a delicious start to the day with a platter of seasonal fresh fruit and yogurt accompanying a different hot dish every morning, fresh brewed coffee, an assortment of teas, or a cappuccino for the coffee connoisseur. Our healthy recipes for pancakes, omelets, and more make nutritious and satisfying breakfasts. Our chef tantalizes your taste buds with every meal we serve on board such as almond French toast! Enjoy our recipe at home!!

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  • French Barge Vacation Breakfast Fruit Platter

French Barge Vacations-Blueberry Sour Cream Pancakes

Guests wake up to the glorious smell of croissants baking and fresh brewed coffee on a French barge vacation. The Grand Victoria is no different. We pride ourselves on serving the best breakfast on barge cruises in France. We offer a variety of yogurt, croissants, and fresh fruit served every morning with a selection of coffee and tea. Enjoy a latte,  cappuccino, flat white, or fresh brewed coffee.

But the most exciting part is our cooked breakfast menu. We offer the most amazing blueberry sour cream pancakes and bacon, drizzled with maple syrup. Cruise in France on board the luxury barge Grand Victoria and have your senses tantalized with this fantastic recipe.

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  • Château de Pommard Gardens - French Barge Vacations

Château de Pommard - Barging in Europe

Barging in Europe offers guests the chance to pack and unpack once. Luxury river barge cruises in France guests visit the majestic Château de Pommard. On our Classic Burgundy itinerary we feature a private tour of the Château and enjoy a wine tasting to discover the true taste of Burgundy’s fine French wine appellations, viticulture, and winemaking from the heart of the largest privately-owned clos in the Cote d’Or. The luxury yacht features the Château de Pommard in our itinerary where guests taste wine using professional tasting elements such as color, aromas and flavors, sweetness, acidity, tannins, body and balance. Guests have the opportunity to taste four Château de Pommard Pinot Noir wines in a private tasting room. Sip and swirl to their heart’s content.

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  • Hospice de Beaune - French  Barge Vacations

Beaune - The Heart of Burgundy

The beating heart of Burgundy wine and the Côte-d'Or is a guest favorite on a luxury river and canal cruise in Burgundy. The walled town of Beaune is a city rich with culture from the epic Hostel Dieu, or Hospices de Beaune as it's more commonly known, to the endless wine cellars that wind beneath the streets of the old village center. Beaune is quaint and unassuming in every way imaginable for our guests on board the Grand Victoria.

Nestled amongst the vineyards in the very heart of Burgundy, the city of Beaune is a picturesque town with cobblestone streets and plenty to see and do. Beaune is the hub of wine commerce in the region and sits on the Route des Grand Crus that links many of Burgundy’s storied vineyards. On our barge trips through France itineraries, Beaune features prominently as the home of the Hotel-Dieu, or the Hospices of Beaune, as well as an opportunity to visit French cafes and shops.

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  • All-Inclusive Luxury Barge Vacations in Europe Ducal Palace Dijon

Dijon - Historic Seat of the Dukes

Once the seat of ducal rule in the medieval period, Dijon is a marvelous city just waiting to be explored! A luxury barge cruise through the French countryside is a wonderful exploration of a region of rich history. Dijon, the capital of Burgundy, is no exception. As one of several stops on our itinerary, Dijon holds a special place for us as a unique, vibrant city full of character. During our tours, guests have the opportunity to experience this wonderful culture firsthand at the market, a cafe, and walking the cobblestone streets of the city center.

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  • Enjoying Harvest Season on the Grand Victoria Barge

Harvest Season in Burgundy

Every fall, the vineyards harvest the grapes that are used in their legendary winemaking process. Learn more about this important time of the year on a luxury river and canal cruise in France!

It’s Burgundy grape picking season! At Grand Victoria, it is one of our favorite times of the year for our french barge vacations and Burgundy wine tours. Vines loaded with violet or golden grape clusters, daily harvests, tractor engines in the distance, the laughter of grape harvesters and the expert look of the vine growers. Every year in September, the grape harvest in the Burgundy wine region gets the wine production process under way and attracts wine lovers from around the world. In different estates of the Côte de Beaune, you can enjoy this unique experience in the heart of the vineyards for yourself. But before grabbing your pruning shears or picking up your baskets, maybe we should tell you a little more?

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Visit the Clos de Vougeot On Our Excursions

One of the most interesting stops during a luxury cruise with the Grand Victoria is the historic Clos de Vougeot in the Côte de Nuits.

As we have discussed previously, we absolutely love wine! Part of what we enjoy sharing with our guests aboard the Grand Victoria is a passion for wine tasting and pairing with our fresh meals on board. It’s a significant part of the culinary experience during a barge cruise! On board, we feature various Premier Cru and Grand Cru wines for meals; we also highlight various local producers in our various excursions throughout the week.

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  • Rully Chardonnay Wine and French Cheese on the Grand Victoria Barge

Luxury French Barge Cruise 2018 New Itinerary

This year, we have added a new lunch destination, changed our mooring locations, and have offered new winery excursions. A French Burgundy canal cruise with us is unlike any vacation you’ve done before, and we have shared our passion for luxury cruises with dozens of guests over our past two years in operation. We welcomed plenty of new faces and shared our love of Burgundy’s food, wine, and culture with them on a memorable vacation.

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  • Homemade Pasta on the Grand Victoria Barge

The Culinary Adventure of Burgundy

We love food! Aboard the luxury river Grand Victoria, we offer an excellent range of cuisine, paired with the Burgundy wine region's best wines. 

There are numerous reasons to add Burgundy to your list of places to travel on a luxury river barge cruise! The countryside is nothing but stunning views as far as the eye can see; rolling hills crowned with historic castles, overlooking the region’s extensive vineyards, dot the landscape. Villages dating to the Middle Ages line Burgundy’s canals and rivers, and stepping foot into them is like being transported back in time. Markets and town squares bustle as they have for centuries, in the shadow of majestic churches reminding you of a bygone era of architecture. 

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  • Château de Pommard Wine Barrel

The Wines of Burgundy

During a luxury river barge cruise on the Grand Victoria, you can expect to visit several of Burgundy's legendary wine producers. Learn more about these practitioners of the historic art of winemaking. Burgundy has a rich wine history dating back to the Roman Empire, and continues its timeless art to this day across numerous producers. During a week’s stay aboard the luxury river barge Grand Victoria, guests have the opportunity to visit several of these storied producers and explore their cellars and vineyards. Of course, no visit is complete without tasting their wines! 

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  • Wine Map of Burgundy

Burgundy Wine Region Map (France)

Barging in Europe offers guests the chance to visit Burgundy, home to several wine producing regions, each with their own terroir and specialities. This handy map is a great guide to the region we call home. 

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