Dijon, the capital of Burgundy - French Barge Vacation walking tourhotel barge Grand Victoria visit the Arc in Dijon, France on the Rue de LiberteDijon has been continuously inhabited since the Neolithic period, but really gained prominence as a regional hub during the Roman Empire; its location on the route from Lyon to Paris made it vital to trade in Gaul. Dijon came to the forefront of European politics in the eleventh century, when it became the seat of power to the Duchy of Burgundy, an independent fiefdom for several centuries. Under their rule, Dijon became a place of wealth, power, and prestige, as well as a center for the arts and learning. Under the Dukes, Burgundy played a vital role in western Europe’s transition from the Middle Ages into the Renaissance era. Today, guests can see the power and wealth of this time in the Ducal Palace, located in the central part of town, which serves as a museum and city hall for Dijon.Dijon Ducal Palace - French Barge Vacations, walking tourHotel Barge Grand Victoria tours the Ducal Palace in DijonToday, Dijon is a culinary and cultural center for the Burgundy region. Dijon mustard was created in 1856, and several shops are still a tourist draw in the town center. It holds the International Gastronomic Fair annually, which is one of the ten largest festivals in all of France. Every three years, Dijon hosts the Florissimo flower show. The center of town is home to Gustav Eiffel’s marketplace. Eiffel, a native of Dijon, contributed the market and several other designs to the city. Like the Parisian tower that bears his name, the market is made in his distinctive style. Guests have the opportunity to visit the market and marvel at the food sold inside.Dijon Fresh Food Market - French Barge Vacation walking tourhotel barge Grand Victoria tours Les Grand Halle, DijonOur itineraries give Grand Victoria guests ample opportunity to explore Burgundy’s rich history firsthand. Walking the historic streets of Dijon is just one of many reasons to consider a trip to France in 2019. Contact us today to book the vacation of a lifetime!