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All-inclusive tours are a great way to reduce the stress of planning your trip and ensure that all elements of your visit contribute to the high-end experience you’re looking for.

In Burgundy, one of the best all-inclusive luxury tours is a barge trip down the canals. At Grand Victoria Cruises, we offer four, five, and six-passenger charters for six nights and seven days on the canals. If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury travel, this kind of arrangement allows you to make one single booking that covers every detail of your trip.

Tailor your trip to your interests

When you travel, of course you want to enjoy all that the local area has to offer. However, it’s also important to tailor your trip to your group’s unique interests. If you love world-class food and wine, consider booking a trip that’s focused on culinary experiences. If you love arts and culture, prioritize those areas as you plan your itinerary.

Better yet, if you’re booking an all-inclusive tour for your trip, your point of contact should invite you to share your dining and activity preferences. When you travel in luxury, all these details are handled for you!

Enjoy wine with every meal 

When in Burgundy, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a glass (or several!) of wine with each meal. Savor some of the best grapes in the world, and trust the local chefs (or your charter’s own private chef, if you travel with Grand Victoria) to expertly match the wine with each meal’s cuisine.

Adopt a slow pace

One crucial feature of a luxury vacation is a pace that allows you to soak up the experience fully. If you’re constantly rushing from destination to destination or stressing about tour times and reservations, you’ll never be able to relax and settle into the local culture. This is exactly why our Grand Victoria cruises are a full six nights and seven days—it’s the ideal amount of time to get your bearings and truly enjoy everything France has to offer.

Appreciate the rich history

Finally, when you visit Burgundy, make sure to appreciate the rich history behind the region. You might primarily know Burgundy for its wine, but there’s so much to know and love about the area’s food, art, natural features, and place in history.

If you’re managing your own itinerary, find tour guides or self-guided information that lets you truly understand the area’s allure. If you join a Grand Victoria charter, we’ll make sure you have plenty of time for cultural appreciation and the general extravagance you’d expect from a luxury cruise.

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