What’s your dream vacation? Perhaps it involves beautiful destinations, excellent food and wine, and a chance to learn about another culture. A French culinary tour includes all this and more. Here are some reasons to go on a culinary tour of France.

Try Delicious Food

By nature, a culinary tour of France involves eating and learning about classic French foods and dishes. Most people are familiar with the breads and pastries for which France is known, including baguettes, eclairs, and macarons. On a culinary tour, you’ll have the opportunity to taste the authentic versions of these foods and other traditional French dishes. You’ll also be able to try new French foods you haven’t had the chance to experience at home.

Learn To Cook French Dishes

A culinary tour of France will not only allow you to taste these French dishes but also give you the opportunity to make them yourself. The Grand Victoria makes stops during its culinary tour to allow you to learn to make pastries and a three-course dinner with professional French chefs. You’ll also have the chance to observe the chef making your dinners aboard the Grand Victoria. The cooking skills you learn in France will stick with you for years to come, enabling you to make authentic French dishes at home.

Sample Fine Wines

France is known for its fine wines, and one of the best parts of a French culinary tour is getting to sample them. Burgundy, France is renowned for its wine, particularly its pinot noir and chardonnay. On a culinary tour, wine connoisseurs and amateurs alike will have the chance to learn about how different French wines are made and taste them. You’ll also be able to visit some of the vineyards where this wine is produced.

Learn About the Culture of France

Food and wine are huge parts of almost every culture, and France is no exception. Learning about and sampling French foods and wines on your culinary tour will teach you much about the culture of France. Plus, you’ll have the chance to meet the locals, learn about France’s history, and experience the culture yourself at each location you visit along the way.

Do these reasons to go on a culinary tour of France have you convinced? If so, schedule your culinary tour of France aboard the Grand Victoria today, and prepare yourself for the trip of a lifetime.