Tailored Tranquility

Our cruises aren't just about the destination; they're about the journey. We personalize every detail, ensuring a sense of meditative calm as you cruise the canals and rivers of France. Unlike impersonal mega-ships, our intimate barges offer a unique charm and a chance to truly connect with the French countryside.

Beyond the Canal

Indulge in endless possibilities. Explore quaint shops and bustling markets, savor a leisurely lunch at a local bistro, or delve into the rich history of the region. Tour legendary vineyards and wineries, feeling the history seep into your bones as you walk the ramparts of historic châteaux during private tours.

Memories in the Making

Grand Victoria itineraries are designed for cultural immersion. Our experienced guides personalize experiences to suit your interests, understanding that spontaneity fosters lasting memories. We focus on creating exceptional moments that will stay with you long after your return home.

An All-Encompassing Experience

Onboard the Grand Victoria, consider yourself at home. We cater to your every wish, ensuring a seamless and luxurious experience. Our all-inclusive cruises are packed with adventure and excitement, transforming your French vacation into a pure fantasy. Discover the region's vibrant flavors and embrace the local way of life as you glide along the waterways.

Unforgettable Connections

Gather your loved ones for a French canal adventure unlike any other. Our cruises prioritize authentic experiences, fostering new relationships, and enriching cultural encounters. Witness exclusive interactions with locals, leaving you with a sense of being worlds away from the ordinary.

The Enchanting Setting

Burgundy, the heart of our cruises, is even more captivating than you might imagine. A captivating blend of culture and tradition permeates the very essence of the region. This charm extends beyond the world-renowned Burgundy wines, evident in the warm hospitality of the people and the picturesque villages nestled amidst rolling vineyards. Your Grand Victoria cruise unlocks the secrets of this captivating region, offering a haven for wine lovers and history buffs alike.

A Journey Through Time

Medieval France comes alive on your river and canal cruise. Explore hundreds of châteaux, some dating back centuries, their grandeur a testament to the region's rich past. Burgundy, once home to the powerful Dukes of Burgundy, boasts a captivating history reflected in its architectural wonders. Explore the historic city center of Dijon, with its charming narrow streets and honey-colored buildings. Witness the majesty of the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy or be awestruck by the gothic beauty of the Cathedral of Saint Bénigne.

Responsible Exploration

At Grand Victoria, hospitality extends beyond our guests. We are committed to our team members, the local community, and the environment. Our mission is to create a fulfilling experience for all, and that includes sustainable practices that minimize our environmental impact.

We are privileged to cruise the breathtaking waterways of France, a responsibility we take seriously. We actively seek partnerships with local businesses, fostering long-term relationships and a sense of shared ownership for this beautiful region.

Unveiling Burgundy in Style

Our cruises cater to the modern adventurer. Explore the diverse treasures of Burgundy – wine, golf, exquisite cuisine, captivating history, and stunning art – all while indulging in luxurious comfort and unparalleled service.

Your Burgundy Story Awaits

Our commitment to your comfort extends beyond the confines of the barge. As part of your experience on our luxury river cruises in France, we guide you on immersive tours, ensuring each itinerary is an all-inclusive adventure. From delightful lunches in Beaune and Dijon to meticulously crafted experiences, we go the extra mile to guarantee your return home brimming with stories to share.

Ready to embark on a journey of discovery? Join Grand Victoria and create unforgettable memories on a luxury river cruise in France. To know more visit our website grandvictoriacruises.com.