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Enjoy food and wine on a canal barge cruise in France

Stateroom on Grand Victoria

Let our private chef tantalize your senses! Our innovative menu infuses the simplicity of classic French cuisine with a modern twist and fresh ingredients. Our chef has created a menu that uses ingredients sourced from the Dijon Market, Grand Fresh Market, and local French bakeries, which is a good indication of the thought put into our gourmet meals. This emphasis on fresh and local ingredients imparts bold flavors into our dishes.

Expect to find an excellent selection of meat from New Zealand lamb to Charolaise beef (the ultimate item on our fine-dining menu) making it the canal and river barge vacation in France tantalizing. Our dishes include scallops, salmon, and sea bass in addition to other tempting delights. Meals are paired with a selection from our extensive fine French wine list, boasting an inventory of Premier Cru Burgundy wine. The food has to be outstanding to compete with the wine! Vegan and gluten-free options are available as well. Our chef takes time to teach tricks of the trade with food demonstrations in our kitchen. Join him with a glass of wine and sample the arts of his craft.

I’m so glad she talked me into keeping the schedule of meals on the barge because the food was excellent! The quality of the food, the presentation and the menus were wonderful. The table settings were even beautiful and varied every day. We also had high expectations about the quality and selection of wine pairings on board, and again, Edward and Cindy exceeded our expectations.
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Culinary Experiences

Burgundy is even more beautiful than the imagination. On our Burgundy canal cruises itinerary, you’ll take in some of the best destinations in France for wine lovers. Discover the depth and complexity of Burgundy wines. An inexperienced or seasoned wine lover learns to identify and appreciate a wide palette during wine tasting at some of the most renowned wineries in the world and Burgundy vineyards.

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At the Château de Pommard wines are produced from five different Terriors within a single Clos. This is the largest monopoly owned by a single owner in Burgundy today. Guests visit the Château de Pommard to discover their passion and taste a selection of fine French Burgundy wines. Pommard vineyards lies between Beaune and Volnay along the Côte de Beaune.

Wine on a french barge cruise

We focus on great flavors and experiences featuring each meal with pairings of fine French wine. Our sommelier expertly pairs our menu with a Burgundy Chardonnay or Pinot Noir to enhance each course. Tasting a fine Burgundy wine is an aromatic experience. Wine tasting is a wonderful way to learn about the diversity of Burgundy wines and uncover the notes to your favorite appellation.

The Burgundy wine region is the perfect geographical location and climate for growing grapes. The legendary vineyards produce over one hundred appellations that are recognized around the world. The expertise of winegrowers, who hand down their knowledge from generation to generation, while staying abreast of the latest developments in wine making, result in legendary fine French wine that you’ll want to bring home.

Your journey is only just beginning!

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